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Legal Notice


A DBA/Assumed Name/Fictitious Name has been filed with the State of Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State. THIS publication serves as legal notice to all parties seeking to make a claim, that palmer amanda renee is doing business as LEPRINCE ZION CLARK and ALL derivatives thereof. Notice of fee schedule(s); Each and every use not authorized by palmer amanda renee requires a $20,000 USD fine payable to: AMANDA RENEE PALMER within 30 days of notice and the fines must be settled in full in order to be authorized, contact must be made with the Name Holder for a contract to do so. Failure to timely notify the Name Holder, produces an agreement that the user’s contract is invalid. Additionally, this notice is retroactive. All parties prior to this notice MUST contact the Name Holder within 180 days of this notice for an update to the contract. Be advised that this notice is applicable to the use of each and every account associated with LEPRINCE ZION CLARK and ALL derivatives thereof. Primary DBA in Delaware County, USA. A written request must be signed under penalty of perjury and sent to the Name Holder at: 45 N Union Ave General Post Delivery, Lansdowne, Pa [19050-9998] USA, all other deviations will be returned as invalid to sender.

Posted 5/20/2020