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A personal tribute to Betty Pearsall — from her family

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There was a Celebration of Life of Betty Blanch Elizabeth Burris Pearsall at Wake Forest United Methodist Church on Saturday to a nearly-filled-to-capacity warm sanctuary.

Pastor Donald Warren announced at the service opening about a problem with the power supply to cool the sanctuary, but fortunately a cooler front had cooled the weather down somewhat.

Betty succumbed to an illness of pneumonia and was hospitalized when Warren saw her last.

Betty’s birthday was close to being the exactly the same as mine on Aug. 16, 1929 — hers was just one month later than mine, and we had celebrated together several happy times together, along with other friends.

Betty had several talented members in her family and they each performed, either by voice or with music. This part opened with witnesses Jim Pearsall, Charles Pearsall, and Renee speaking about Betty.

This was followed by music by Christopher, Lindsey (Pearsall) Burgess, Claire Pearsall, and Corinne Pearsall.

Following a popular hymn, “God Will Take Care of You,” an extremely interesting parting tribute was written at the end of the last page (without a title). This is worth being clipped out for your scrapbook of precious memories:

“How do you say goodbye to someone as bright as the morning sun? How do you say goodbye to someone with a soul that is so genuinely pure and good that it stands above all others?

“How do say goodbye to the person who helped shape our lives, nurture our family, make us smile, and be the most devout Christian who lived their life by their actions words, and deeds?

“Blanche Elizabeth (Betty) Burris Pearsall, Mom, Lil Mutha, Sista, Aunt Blanche and best of all Gran — you will be missed greatly. Your hugs, kisses, beautiful smile, kindness to all, pecan pie and corn puddin’, broad shoulders, and as a true child of God who lived her life in His service.

“How do say goodbye with tears in our eyes and emptiness in our heart? We remember that you gave us the gift of your life and now we give you back to be one of God’s angels.

“Till we meet again, Love — your family.”

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