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A response to equating Nazis to ‘socialism’

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To the Editor,

In his latest column [“Will we too just go our way?”; March 22], J. Russell Caps attempts to link today’s progressives with Nazi Germany.

The comparison is laughable if one understands history and who the Nazis really were. Nazis were not socialists by any of today’s standards. They were fascists. This is an ideology which supports extreme nationalism, very strong leaders and an exclusion of those who aren’t deemed pure racially or by religious point of view.

Fascists hate a free press, freedom of expression and look down on those who don’t fit their view of what an ideal person is. They control all aspects of life and will impose a police state where everyone is being watched. The rule of law does not exist in a fascist government.

Caps is correct that there is socialism in the U.S. It’s been here for decades. Social Security and Medicare are two prime examples of it. Schools, roads and all public services are part of the “socialistic” part of our economy. Canada and every other modern nation have universal health care. That makes them more socialistic than the U.S. Those countries aren’t basket cases; for the most part they have healthy economies and populations that seem to enjoy the benefits.

There’s no reason we can’t expand some socialist policies and still have a capitalistic economy. Whether or not that should happen should be open to healthy open debate. Not fear-mongering as Caps likes to use.

Vincent Burke

Wake Forest