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All aboard the Hurricanes bandwagon

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I’m not a hockey fan. The only game I have ever watched all the way through was when my great-granddaughter played, briefly, for a Boys and Girls Club team. It was actually an interesting game and, although I didn’t understand all the fine points, it had enough in common with any other sports that involve moving a ball (or a puck) from one end to another and putting it in a goal, I could follow the action.

While I admire any athlete who is good at his or her sport, I don’t enjoy watching the ones that require protective gear and involve beating up on each other, and I’ve seen enough clips from hockey games to know that physical contact is a big part of the sport.

But, even though I have not been glued to my TV set during the Hurricanes exciting run toward the Stanley Cup, I have enjoyed following the action and rejoicing along with the Caniacs who do love to watch. I’ve read the recaps in the newspaper enough to know a bit about the players and the play, and have joined the legion of Hamilton lovers. The unofficial mascot is one cute pig!

So, as I am writing this after the first two dismal games against Boston, it’s a matter of hoping for a home ice advantage and a magical, mystical turnaround for later in the week. But win or lose, the Canes are still the hometown heroes and we can all be proud of them.

Maybe not as proud as some of the fans, however, who are sporting new tattoos proclaiming their pride. As cute as Hamilton is, the thought of having his portrait inked four inches high on my thigh, for life, is the stuff of nightmares.

But, as the old sitcom “Diff’rent Strokes” always reminded us, people have different ways of doing things and if the ardent Canes fan is happy united with Hamilton for life, let’s hope it brings both her and the team good luck.

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.