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Bloomberg’s out, but he’s still a good citizen

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Dear Mike Bloomberg,

I realize that The Wake Weekly is probably not on your reading list, but I still want to send you a thank you note.

Thank you for throwing your hat into the ring for the Democratic presidential primary. Your candidacy sparked a lot of interest and initiated a lot of conversations even across party lines. While we all get tired of political ads, yours addressed a lot of problems our country is facing.

And thank you for joining Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar in withdrawing from the race and offering your support to another candidate because, as you all said, the party needs to unite, and perhaps the most important thing all of you who ran a good race but saw no path to victory have done is promise to support whoever the candidate turns out to be.

As is no doubt obvious, I am among the majority of voters who supported the Democratic candidate in the last election and will certainly do so in this next one. We just need to be sure our popular vote majority gets to the right states this time.

The only way that is going to happen is for all of us, once the decision is made at the convention, to get behind whichever candidate is selected, even if he is not our first choice. It is good to know that you plan to put your expertise and your money into that effort.

And speaking of your money — thank you for your empathy. Even though you are wealthy, you recognize the needs of others.

And one more thank you is for your assistance to down-ticket candidates. Once we elect a new president, we need to be sure to seat a Congress that can work with him; a Congress that understands the importance of putting people before party.

Thank you, Mr. Bloomberg, for being a good citizen.

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.