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Wake Forest Area Chamber holds first small business fair

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WAKE FOREST — The Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce held its inaugural Small Business Summit and Resource Fair at the town’s Renaissance Centre on Jan. 30.

The purpose of the summit was for business owners in the area to meet and network with each other.

The theme of the event was “Focusing Your Vision For 2020” with an emphasis on storytelling techniques and social media practices. One of the main speakers was WRAL reporter Sloane Hefferman.

“What I’ve seen in Wake Forest the last few years as I’m sure all of you have seen is just how it has grown in the last few years,” Hefferman said in the beginning of her presentation “And as the town grows, a lot of small businesses compete with bigger businesses with larger marketing budgets.”

The presentation included video presentations of what good and bad storytelling could look like in terms of presenting a product, a process which Hefferman found relatable to her job as a news reporter.

“When I’m preparing a story for a newscast, you get a set time to tell that story — like two minutes,” she said to the audience. “I can’t go over that two minutes and if I do, there’s going to be a producer who’s not going to be happy about it.”

There was also a small-group exercise where people had two minutes to tell a story to another person. Then in a twist, people would switch partners and have two minutes to tell their previous partner’s story as best as they could remember it.

“The key to good effective storytelling is that it has to be compelling, real, and if a person gets emotionally invested in that story, that’s an added bonus,” Hefferman said.