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Delightful cool fronts; Gypsy and Peaches entertain me

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Wow! I’m glad we finally got over the four-month-long heat wave here in North Carolina which set a record 100 degrees on Thursday, Oct. 3, followed with 91 degrees on Friday; the last day of summer as Todd called it, but Saturday (the first day of autumn) was delightfully cooler — which felt wonderful!

I always said I could stand cold weather better than hot weather — quite naturally after living in southern New Jersey for 19 years where it is almost always colder than North Carolina.

If there is one thing I’m happy about, I didn’t have to serve through all that heat, which ran through the July Fourth holiday. I was glad for not being Uncle Sam again after serving in that capacity for many years through all the summer heat at that time of year.

Of course I miss all the excited youngsters who almost always loved to have their pictures taken with Uncle Sam. This is not meant to overlook the moms and pops who were always overjoyed, too. Oh, yes! There were times when I posed with the entire family and it always brought happy faces.

The passing of time changes things

Some of you readers will remember my golden retriever, Red. Well, we had to put him to sleep about over a year ago when his rheumatism got the best of him, and he couldn’t get up after falling several times. He weighed about 90-plus pounds, and I couldn’t pick him up. I had to call my son, Jimmy, to come after I asked for help.

Some things changed, and in June my son, Todd, recent former publisher of The Wake Weekly, came to live with me and he brought his beautiful golden retriever, Gypsy, and cat, Peaches.

I love dogs, but I have to admit I can’t help liking Peaches, and I have to get used to their different ways from a dog. Some, I like, but there are others I don’t like. She loves to climb up on the back of the sofa, from there to the sofa arm, and then jump to the arm of my recliner to sit next to me.

This goes on for several times with me petting her to help her settle down and become complacent. It works most of the time but not before she shows off her prowess and jumps in one leap back to the sofa arm. This maneuver is repeated several times before Peaches tires and wants to go outdoors or take a nap. All this is when I am trying to watch TV.

Of course, Gypsy wants to take over, and I have to shoo her away from her nosing me for attention.

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