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LETTER: Don’t be misled by socialism

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Some politicians will promise anything to get elected. When you say free, people think it won’t cost them anything.

Free Medicare and college education for the first year will cost three times more than it costs now. What will your tax bill be after then? The candidates say they are going to get the money by taking 3-5 cents of the giant corporations’ money. If you owned a giant corporation, employing thousands, you will start cutting workers and creating more problems.

The super rich pay enough taxes to run the government for a few days. So who pays for the rest of the year? Answer: you and I, the average working people.

No, this is a gimmick; don’t fall for it when you go vote in November. This country will go under if the socialists win!

The 1929 depression took several years to recover. Banks closed, money was taken, the bank’s owners disappeared with the money. Several people who could not cope with the problem committed suicide. Crime increased and illegal liquor was sold as people tried to make a living. Chaos was everywhere!

No, we do not need a repeat of history. Imagine what the chaos would be. The average citizen’s debt now is climbing to an all-time high. Again, don’t be misled.

Grady S. Macon