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Forest service stayed busy in 2018-19

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The Wilson County North Carolina Forest Service provides a host of resources to the community. From battling wildfires to logging inspections to tree planting management and forest management plans, the agency is vital.

Here is a look at the annual report for 2018-19 in Wilson County.


Wilson County wildfires for 2018:

• 30 total fires, 20 of which were caused by debris burning, four as a result of machine use, four miscellaneous and one caused by a child.

• Wilson County Forest Service also helps fight fires across the country. Last year, the service assisted other states including Texas, California and Colorado.

Water quality/logging inspections for 2018-2019:

• Wilson County staff conducting 271 logging inspections.

• Staff performed 13 thinning jobs for about 633 acres.

• Staff performed 63 clear cuts for about 1,639 acres.

“We check most logging jobs or as many as we can in Wilson County trying to make sure the loggers are doing what they are supposed to and not clogging up different streams or ditches,” Assistant County Ranger Dillan Howard told commissioners recently. “Logging in Wilson County last year is pretty steady but is still increasing now.”

Timber stand improvement:

• In 2018-19, the Forest Service burned or assisted on three different tracts of timber for about 221 acres.

“Which is above our average in Wilson County,” Howard added. “It’s been down in recent years due to weather conditions.”

• Pre-commercial thinning on two tracts for 83 acres.

• Staff also put in hazard reduction lines in on one tract for 10 acres.

Tree planting:

• About 630 acres of trees replanted last year.

• Cost share programs helped pay for eight tracts totaling 241 acres.

• Another 13 tracts totaling 396 acres scheduled to be planting this upcoming season, totaling more than $25,000 in cost-share assistance for the land owners in Wilson County.

Forest management plans:

• In 2018-19, Wilson County wrote a total of 170 forest management plans for about 6,155 acres. Of those plans, 130 were for forest management assistance, 21 for regeneration plans and 19 were forestry management plans.