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Franklin Board of Education approves budget resolution

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LOUISBURG — The Franklin County Board of Education unanimously approved a budget resolution for the 2019-20 school year at Monday’s meeting.

The resolution makes official the local expense fund of $21.2 million for the district as well as $55.1 million appropriated from the state public school fund.

In her presentation to the board, Chief Financial Officer Quinnley Coley clarified the knowns and unknowns of the resolution — the knowns are salary changes, mini budgets, fund balance and converting the district’s financial software. The unknowns, according to Coley, are charter/virtual school funding, finality of the state’s school budget and final salary surveys.

“The knowns and unknowns are somewhat blended,” she said. “For instance, we know we completed a classified salary survey, got approved for those pay tables and placed employees on those tables. The unknowns include more salary surveys of which we don’t know what the results are going to be.”

In terms of fund balance, the local expense fund of $21.2 million did have a decrease year-to-year but was less than projected and any remaining funds will be reallocated to support the unknowns in the budget. Capital outlay will have an increased budget of $2.7 million due to projects such as the Youngsville Elementary School roof and Bunn High School roof and track resurfacing not being completed before June 20.

Coley also noted fund improvement in child nutrition ($4.2 million) and child care program funds ($233,081) with the former losing $223,471 in FY2018 to $13,793 in FY2019. Child care fund netted $7,645 in FY2018 and $65,407 in FY2019.

In other business, the board approved a resolution from the North Carolina School Boards Association concerning fines and forfeitures owed to education systems across the state. The resolution comes on the heels of a 2008 NC Superior Court decision that state agencies owed $747 million in civil fines and forfeitures that should have been paid into a fund for public education.

According to the resolution, $729.7 million is still owed and the enforceability of the judgment has recently been extended. This comes on the heels of the neighboring Granville Board of Education approving similar resolutions in recent weeks.

Also approved was a request from the Franklinton Fire Department to use the retention pond on Cedar Creek Road south of Franklinton High School as an emergency water supply if there are any issues with the county’s water or a shortage of water for firefighting.

The next meeting of the Franklin County Board of Education is scheduled for Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. at the district’s Riverside Campus, 53 West River Road, Louisburg.