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Granville leaders aiming to address mounting trash problem

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OXFORD — Fast food wrappers, beer cans, liquor bottles, buckets, chairs and light fixtures line the shoulders of Joe Peed Road just outside of Creedmoor. The amount of trash and debris along the 3.4-mile road is becoming a normal sight along many secondary roads in Granville County.

As a response to the growing problem, the county has budgeted $100,000 for roadside litter removal, but according to Jason Falls, environmental services director, the budget will cover cleanup of only 500 miles of road in Granville County.

Falls received approval from the Granville County Commissioners on April 1 to spend over $20,000 with DMW for trash and debris removal along 137.6 miles of the county roads.

Commissioner Sue Hinman expressed concern at the April 1 meeting that the county had to spend money for litter removal when there are many other things that money could be used for in the county.

In years past, inmates from the prisons would pick up trash but that service has ended. The county has to turn to DMW, an approved NCDOT contractor for trash and debris removal.

The southern end of the county has several roads that have been identified as having high amounts of litter: Brassfield Road from the Hawley School Road intersection to Brassfield/Hayes Road, Bruce Garner Road, Hawley School Road and Joe Peed Road.

Other roads that will be picked up will be Belltown Road, Cornwall Road, Culbreth Road, Henry Thorpe Road, Highway 15 North, Knotts Grove Road, Old Roxboro Road, Oxford Loop, Sterl Carrington Road and West Antioch Road.

Falls said the cleanups are done twice a year, once in early spring and again in the winter. Residents can contact the commissioner of their district, members of the Environmental Affairs Committee, or Falls at 919-603-1355 to identify the roads to be targeted in the winter cleanup.

Falls said residents can help by cleaning up their section of the road they want cleaned. Pickup supplies are free and available.

“It is the fastest way to get clean, shows personal responsibility, adds pride to one’s work and area that they live,” Falls said. “It’s real easy to ask state, county or company to have a road cleaned, but the most effective is to get folks involved in neighborhoods to clean.”

The current roads identified will take about three weeks to clean.

In addition to the roadside litter removal, the county will sponsor a Spring Clean Event on April 27 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Granville County Expo Center at 4185 U.S. Highway 15 in Oxford.

The event will serve as a cycle and collection day for laptops, computers, scrap metal, packing materials and other items. There will be secure shredding and the Granville County Sheriff’s Office will be available to collect medications, ammunition, fireworks and more.

For more information about the event, contact Teresa Baker at 919-725-1417.