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Greg takes turn as weekend caregiver

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By this time, I guess y’all are getting used to having a new owner of The Wake Weekly. If you’re like me, it is probably taking this long to take it in your stride. I started as editor and publisher of The Wake Weekly at a green young age of 22 and half scared of what was expected of me. I quickly learned when it was dumped on my lap to sink or swim. I chose the latter and kept that position for 46 years.

Oh, yes, there was a lot of learning through the years and one of the best came from joining the North Carolina Press Association and the National Press, too. The columns in these publications helped me immensely.

Recently, we worked out some logistical challenges with the column in the newspaper. So my readers and friends can find it easier going forward.

One of my keen-eyed friends, Jim Cloonan, who retired as the general manager of Athey Products on South Main Street where The Factory is now, missed it those weeks and called me asking if I was OK because he was always used to reading Roving Around and it was nowhere to be found.

I told him what had happened, and he was content then. Jim fell in love with Wake Forest and its citizens and still keeps in touch from his Raleigh home.

In answer to the many questions about my health, I want to say:

I am OK, although I’m gradually getting used to using my cane (or canes) whenever I walk anywhere due to my family’s insistence, after I had three falls.

Just last week my caretaker son, Jimmy, and his wife, Ginger, spent six days on a trip to Philadelphia, where Ginger showed jewelry at a trade show over a weekend on popular Philly Main Street.

A highlight on Saturday night was their 30-minute trip to Marlton, New Jersey, to see my cousin Elaine’s home where they also met her sister, Gail and husband, Frank. of East Pitman. They also met Elaine’s stepson, Greg, who works in Philly. All six of them enjoyed vegetable-beef soup from my mother’s recipe and they had a longtime family favorite cream puff for dessert.

Another highlight was seeing and bringing home a collection of family photos including me as a 2-year-old.

My oldest son, Greg, now a resident of Wrightsville Beach (close to Wilmington) came to Wake Forest on Saturday to stay with me for the weekend and we had a great time together, including granddaughters: WF High senior Mary Nancy (Mae) and Ruthie, a senior at UNC Chapel Hill. Both of them had worked Saturday evening to view one of the three DVDs Greg had brought.

It was close to midnight when it was over, but the girls were glued to the screen and thanked Uncle Greg for the treat.

Greg treated me to a Papa John’s pizza with the works toppings, and his homemade garden salad from Aldi on Saturday night. He must have ordered two of the large ones because he bought a box of gallon-size plastic bags to store extra slices and I had pizza Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights along with a heaping bowl of homemade salad with fresh grape tomatoes. Mmm, good!

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