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As we continue our series on small microhabits of health, remember there are six key components to optimal well-being: nutrition, movement, sleep, water, mindfulness and stress management. Last week we discussed the benefits of sleep, nature’s nurse. This week we are going to dive into the importance of water.

I like to think of water as one of our major food groups. Why? Well, water makes up 60 percent of our body weight. Unlike fat, we can’t store water, so it is critical that we replenish it daily. Dehydration is a serious problem and many don’t even realize they suffer from it. Dehydration can have the same feeling as being tired, moody, getting a headache or hungry. Lowering your salt intake will also help with dehydration. Using a salt substitute, adding more spices and herbs to foods, or even replacing your salt and pepper shaker to just one container combining both salt and pepper are great ways to cut down on the sodium intake.

How many ounces of water do you think we lose every day? We can lose up to up to 96 ounces of water every day! That is amazing isn’t it! How? Through breathing, talking, going to the bathroom, normal perspiration and even the soles of our feet. Being well-hydrated allows your body to function to its fullest potential, releases toxins, moves nutrients, hormones, antibodies and oxygen through our bloodstream. Here are some more wonderful benefits of water:

• It’s a calorie-free drink

• Helps you feel full and satisfied

• Keeps you from overeating

• Eliminates excess salt

• Speeds up metabolism

• Helps your liver convert fat to energy

• Compensates for the loss of glycogen stores as you lose weight

How much water should you drink every day? You really can’t drink too much water. I always recommend that you drink one 12 ounce glass every time you eat. If you are eating six times a day, that is 72 ounces of water a day, a great average. Whether tap water, bottled, spring, well or filtered, plain water without anything added to it is best for your body.

Many people struggle with drinking enough water, especially in the winter. One thing I like to suggest is to liven up your water with natural ingredients. Try adding lemon, lime, mint, thyme, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or even cucumbers to your water glass. Some water containers even have infusion chambers in the middle of them. Have you ever tried having a cup of hot water with slices of lemon and lime in it? It is rather tasty and soothing.

Water truly is one of the easiest of the six key components to implement into your day. When my clients are having obstacles with their health goals, we always take a step back and start with increasing water every day for a week. If you do try this, I promise you will see huge results in how you feel, even in 3-4 days. Try it out and let me know your results.

As always, it is an honor to encourage you with your health goals. If you would like a free consultation, reach out and let’s chat. Next we will take a look at the importance of mindfulness and how it plays a roll in our overall well-being.

Honey Wiggs is a speaker, author and a certified health coach. Even though she lives in North Carolina, she has helped over 7,000 people across the country transform their lives one healthy habit at a time. Honey can be reached at or visit her website at