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Incumbents dominate the day in Franklin County

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Status quo was the theme of the night in the Franklin County 2019 election races. The unofficial results posted Tuesday night have yet to be certified by the N.C. State Board of Elections. Voter turnout in Franklin County was 16.10 percent (919 out of 5,707).

Here’s how the races played out:

Bunn Commissioner

Incumbent Mack Jones won back his seat alongside newcomer Nicole A. Brantley. Russell Mullen fell short by 10 votes in his bid for a seat on the board.

Mack Jones: 53 votes (47.32 percent) — ELECTED

Nicole Brantley: 32 votes (28.57 percent) — ELECTED

Russell Mullen: 22 votes (19.64 percent)

Write-in: 5 votes (4.46 percent)

Franklinton Mayor

Incumbent Franklinton mayor Art Wright, the only candidate on the ballot, retained his seat.

Art Wright: 149 votes (89.76 percent) — ELECTED

Write-in: 17 votes (10.24 percent)

Franklinton Commissioner

Incumbent Anita Fuller retain her seat, but she was not the highest vote-getter. That honor went to newcomer Brad Kearney. Mark Lemmon saw his bid end with the third-most votes.

Brad Kearney: 145 votes (42.03 percent) — ELECTED

Anita Fuller: 111 votes (32.17 percent) — ELECTED

Mark Lemmon: 84 votes (24.35 percent)

Write-in: 5 votes (1.45 percent)

Louisburg Council

Two incumbents earned the highest number of votes: Christopher Neal and Emma B. Stewart. Newcomer Mark K. Russell won the third seat on the board. Sara Alford rounded out the group.

Christopher Neal: 329 votes (33.42 percent) — ELECTED

Emma B. Stewart: 295 votes (29.98 percent) — ELECTED

Mark K. Russell: 245 votes (24.90 percent) — ELECTED

Sara Alford: 107 votes (10.87 percent)

Write-in: 8 votes (0.81 percent)

Youngsville Commissioner

Incumbent Joe Johnson won back his seat, but the highest vote-getter was newcomer Scott Brame. Ronald Adkins trailed Johnson by 12 votes, ending his election bid.

Scott Brame: 101 votes (39.92 percent) — ELECTED

Joe Johnson: 79 votes (31.23 percent) — ELECTED

Ronald Adkins: 67 votes (26.48 percent)

Write-in: 6 votes (2.37 percent)