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Issue is anything but laughable

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In his letter to the Wake Weekly on March 29 [“A response to equating Nazis to ‘socialism’”], Vincent Burke referred to my warnings about the grave danger socialism poses for America. He proclaimed the comparison of today’s progressives to Nazi Germany as laughable.

His comments vividly provide an example of the danger posed which we warn about. Ignorance of the threat by so many today is exactly what makes the socialistic agenda, being pushed by Democrat leadership, the genuine threat that it poses for America today. The example we quoted about the Nazi take over of Germany was used to illustrate how the failure of German citizens to grasp the problem, and stand against it soon enough, caused the loss of “the soul of Germany.”

Hitler told the Germans, “Don’t worry about the soul of Germany, we’ll take care of that” and the people “went on their way.” There are radicals even in our Congress today who are pushing the socialist agenda for the soul of America. The grave threat today lies in the fact that such large numbers are believing their lies and falling right in line with such false, foolish illusions. Sadly, Burke in his letter calls it “fear mongering” to help people see the danger.

Well, our good publishers of this paper have allowed me to wave the yellow flag. And I am grateful. It’s a cry that needs to be heard. This paper, as it should, favors diversity on its opinion page. There’s a real scarcity of conservative expression in news media in our area today. Busy people believe what they hear and unless they make the effort to seek the truth they largely only know what a liberal media spouts out.

During our past two or three articles, the paper’s editor has graciously allowed me to urge us, as a society, to not “just go our way” and take no stand but to be advised of the real threat if we fail to take heed.

J. Russell Capps is a Republican former member of the N.C. House.