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Just like Dorian, we’re in a quandary about classmates

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Sometimes we just don’t appreciate something we have until we lose it. Right now I’m thinking about high school reunions.

How many have you attended or even have them available? Some of us lucky ones have a gathering every year and many attend, but there are others who have them available, but never attend and just don’t appreciate them. I have heard of some people whose class does not even have class reunions. What a pity!

I attended Hurffville grammar school in southern New Jersey at Hurffville close to where I lived on the outskirts of Pitman when I was 12 years old, before completing four years attending Glassboro High and graduating there. Apparently, we had some enterprising people in our class and a reunion committee was formed.

I don’t remember ever being excited enough to attend until there was one coming up in nearby Pennsylvania right in the middle of the Amish country in 1962 — 15 years after we graduated.

It was a great entertaining weekend and a delightful location. I have to admit, it was a long, tiresome drive there, although our route took us through some beautiful scenery. It was interesting to meet some of my classmates and even dine with my next door neighbor, Bob Dare, and his lovely wife Dorothy, a classmate whom he had married.

My sister, Janne, and her entertaining husband, Calvin “Cap” McKishen, also came because it was so close to their home in Woodbury, New Jersey. Although it was great fun, we had to pass up several upcoming reunions because our newspaper business kept us too busy to make the long trip to New Jersey or places nearby where reunions were being held.

I didn’t realize that we had many active and talented people in my class until after we had graduated. I have not heard anything about the other classes around our time — are they (or did they) hold reunions like my class did?

Our next attendance was for the 40th reunion which was held at the Atlas Motor Inn in Cape May, New Jersey for three days.

The reason I can remember the exact dates — we at The Wake Weekly printed the large program with 48 names of couples or single attendees. I had fun when arriving there and riding the elevator — asking others on the elevator if they recognized who I was. Not anyone recognized me as a member of the class.

The reason I knew everyone we met was because from printing the program I got to know everyone from seeing their names and placing their faces from my yearbook copy. There was another reason why they didn’t recognize me — I had grown a beard since the last time I had attended a reunion. I also got to know people by their names from printing and proofing the large program, which we offered to print free of charge.

I noticed by looking at the top of page three, there were already 11 people from our class who had passed away. I don’t know how many more have died since that time, but it is now 32 years later from 1987.

What will slow-moving Dorian do to North Carolina? That is the question so many people are asking, especially around Wake Forest. As you read this it will have moved on. I hope it turned and moved away from our coast.

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