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LETTER: Cooper’s virus plan better than nation’s

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It seems to me, given the exceedingly late and lethargic (actually, lack of any discernible) plan to help the states aggressively test, trace and quarantine against the spread of the coronavirus and resulting disease, COVID-19. by our federal government, the governor’s plan is not only more conservative, it’s a lot smarter. It’s sadly tragic that it’s smarter. But, it is smarter, given this country’s lack of extensive and meaningful scientific data against which cogent decisions to restart our economy might be made.

According to our own Department of Health and Human Services, in one day last month the number of reported cases of COVID-19 in North Carolina jumped 60%. The scientists have consistently reminded us, just as it was in 1918, if this virus has a resurgence it will make round one look like a cake-walk.

Steve Livingstone