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LETTER: Tillis ought not thwart health care law

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Before the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans were charged more or denied health care coverage because they had a pre-existing condition like diabetes, arthritis, or cancer. Now, elected officials — with the support of the Trump administration — are trying to send us back to that failed system by overturning the ACA in court.

Now, more than ever, we need our elected leaders, like Sen. Thom Tillis, to protect the ACA. But sadly, he’s nowhere to be found. Instead of protecting affordable health care, Tillis has repeatedly voted to repeal the ACA and has actively voted to make care more expensive for North Carolina seniors. This is unacceptable for American citizens in general. Citizens deserve better and this current pandemic has put into sharp focus the need for the ACA as well as a revised system.

It’s time we hold politicians like Senator Tillis accountable. If the ACA is overturned, 1.7 million North Carolinians face the failed system we know doesn’t work: People will lose their health coverage, premiums will skyrocket for those with pre-existing conditions, and too many struggling North Carolinians, won’t get the care they need. North Carolinians need a fighter, but it’s clear we can’t count on Sen. Tillis.

Dianne Sacchetti