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LETTER: Wake Forest tax cut counterintuitive during pandemic

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In a time of such economic uncertainty, is it a good idea to lower taxes? It seems dubious to me. All the pundits say our collective recovery from the economic and attendant social damages caused by the effects of the pandemic will take a very long time. So, given that the purpose of governments, at all levels, is to protect and provide for the general welfare of its citizens, it seems to me that cutting taxes at this time is counterintuitive. 

Also, the discussion in the article (“Manager proposes lowering Wake Forest taxes,” May 6) about lowering the rate per $100 while property is being "reassessed" was more than a little nebulous. Are we playing a shell game with the rates and assessments?

And, finally, this statement by Wake Forest Town Manager Kip Padget, in my opinion, is hackneyed GOP propaganda: "We must continue to provide a budget that invests in solutions and does not throw money at problems."

What problems are we throwing money at? Who decides what constitutes a problem? When an elected official makes a statement like this and doesn't answer both of these questions exhaustively the statement is reduced to a politically-charged air-ball.

Steve Livingstone