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Pandemic reminds us what’s important

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The news on our televisions, the articles on our phones, and our conversations all revolve around the coronavirus. This constant flow of information about COVID-19 can be overwhelming. Sometimes we need relief from the fear it brings. So, here is your reminder that even a global pandemic can have positive effects.

As many of us stay home, we have the opportunity to nurture our closest relationships, something the chaos of everyday life prevents. Take advantage of having your loved ones home. Schools are turning to online classes and offices are requiring employees to work remotely, so most people are home for the foreseeable future. While this can be stressful, the break may show you what is truly important. Gatherings might be canceled, but relationships won’t be.

Many people get lost in the fast pace of life, but the coronavirus has forced everyone to slow down. Being “stuck” at home provides the opportunity to take care of yourself. If you are working or learning from home or self-quarantining, try to create moments of peacefulness. They can be small: light a candle as you work, go running, play a board game with your family. Or, do the thing you’ve been putting off. Is there a book you’ve been meaning to read? This time at home can be used to recharge, so don’t just fill it with worry; stress affects your immune system.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of social distancing by dedicating time to explore one of your passions or even finding a new one. We are not told to stay home very often, so why not use the situation to do something you otherwise would not? Dive into your creative side: paint, play an instrument, cook or write.

To bring more positivity to other people during this time of anxiety and fear, use social media as a way to spread kindness. You can spread joy without spreading germs. Be it a quote or funny picture, sometimes that is all people need to remember that we will make it through this together. Call or FaceTime your friends and family instead of just texting them. Hearing someone’s voice is better than looking at a screen, especially when one is isolated.

The fight against COVID-19 has unified the world through the internet and social media platforms. It has affected the globe, but it has also focused our attention on the most important aspects of life.

Emmy Martin is a junior at North Raleigh Christian Academy in Raleigh.