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Perfect vision in 2020? We’ll see how the year shakes out

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Here we are, in the year 2020. Twenty-twenty is a number that rolls trippingly off the tongue, and it is a year that has gotten a lot of attention even before it arrived. Of course, we have no way to know everything that will happen this year, but there are some things we can pretty much count on.

We know that the Senate will go through the motions of trying the president on impeachment charges before acquitting him. And we know that Trump will tweet out a stream of insults and exultations during the process.

Pigs won’t fly, but a lot of drones will, and 737s might.

There will be weather-related disasters from floods and tsunamis to hurricanes and tornados to earthquakes and avalanches to droughts and wildfires. Young people will be actively protesting in support of efforts to curb climate change and lawmakers will complacently ignore them.

People will shoot each other willy-nilly, including the police who can’t seem to control their trigger fingers, and there will be some mass shootings. People will protest and plead for gun control laws. Lawmakers will send their thoughts and prayers to the victims’ families.

There will be conflicts worldwide, armed and otherwise, and there is a good chance North Korea will launch more missiles.

We will all get sick and tired of political ads, political debates, political rallies and probably the politicians as well.

Then finally, the big event of the year will roll around — the twenty-twenty election. We will vote for a president, senators, representatives, governors and a wide variety of elected officials, and we can only hope that we will exercise that other twenty-twenty — perfect vision — and get it right, whatever that may be.

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.