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Positive impressions despite the circumstances

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After sitting through large chunks of the proceedings after the Mueller report was released and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings with my fists clenched, grinding my teeth and talking back to the TV even though the TV was not the real problem, I had decided to avoid the media coverage of the whole impeachment thing.

It is so depressing to listen to our congressional leaders choosing up sides and sniping at each other and the poor, hapless souls before them. So much of what we hear is negative and niggling. But I was in the car with the radio on and heard a speaker who made me exclaim, “Wow! He is an impressive man!” I didn’t know who it was at first, but I discovered it was U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor making his statement before the House Congressional Committee.

He was concise and articulate, with his facts in order. I turned on the TV when I got home and continued to be impressed, by both Taylor and state department official George Kent as they answered questions from both sides of the aisle with equal candor and precision.

The next day’s testimony by former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was equally impressive. These are all remarkable people and we are so fortunate to have them representing our country. As I write this, there are more witnesses to come and they may or may not have the same impact, but at this point, I have been riveted by the testimonies, not so much because of what they had to say — I’ve already made up my mind how I feel about that, as I’m sure you have — but by the people themselves.

As I listened to them give factual accounts of the events that led up the impeachment hearings and thoughtful answers to questions concerning their personal reactions, I found myself picturing one of them in the Oval Office, and wishing…

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.