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To the Editor,

Your editorial [“A North Carolina Forest Fire;” July 12], from the Greensboro News & Record attacks Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s recent remarks on the dangers of identity politics resulting from immigration without assimilation. While ignoring the importance of assimilation, they brand his remarks as “disparaging of diversity and multiculturalism” so they can pontificate that his statements were “offensive and tinged with racism.” Racism is the charge used by the left when people don’t agree with them. Interestingly they made no attempt to rebut Dan Forest’s admonitions that “God doesn’t want us to divide our nation” but to “live together like the Acts 2 church did.” The Acts 2 church had core shared values grounded in their love of Jesus and their love for one another. This bond insured their mutual caring support.

“Patriotic assimilation is the bond that allows Americans to be a nation of immigrants. Without it America ceases to be a nation, becoming instead a hodgepodge of groups.” Immigrants of the Ellis Island era came to America with a burning desire to become Americans. “In post-1965, leftist elites have told immigrants the opposite, do not assimilate, do not join the mainstream. By creating subgroups, such as Asians and Hispanics, the immigrant’s loyalty is directed to that group first. The elites encourage newcomers to hate us, teaching that America is a racist, Islamophobic country and that they are victims. Their social standing and actual tangible benefits depend on their status as members of an aggrieved group.”

“Individual liberty led to the establishment of a distinct American culture, rooted in rules, traditions and morality by which American citizens live.” Our foundational belief in human freedom and liberty has led to exceptionalism and greatness. “We are the only country in the world with a Constitution that limits the government, and provides primacy of the people over government.” It is our country’s prerogative that there be a very specific standard for someone to become an American citizen. Lt Gov. Dan Forests’ concern for assimilation is a call to preserve the distinct culture of our country.

Bill Lawson

Wake Forest