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Reflections on recent current events

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As I sit and look at the blank page on my computer screen, there are many random fragments of thoughts running through my head as I wonder how to fill the page.

The past week’s Democratic debates are certainly food for thought although there was little there to change my mind. I hope, very soon, the field will narrow and we will hear less sniping at each other and more vision.

As the Sunday headlines reported not one, but two mass shootings, I struggled to wrap my head around this escalating and horrifying new normal. What is happening to our country and how can it be stopped?

It is always a surprise in this age of scientific and medical advances when we are reminded of how many diseases and dangerous germs are still out there that threaten the population. The crypto alert at the Holding Park pool in Wake Forest was a cause for concern, but it was good to see the town officials step up and go beyond the required measured to assure future safety.

On a personal level, I am wallowing in the bittersweet goodbye to yet another grandchild heading off to college. I am so very proud and happy for her, but so selfishly sad that she will no longer be nearby to hear and hug.

But I think what fills my mind the most right now is that we just lost two beloved friends, one near and one far, but both very dear. Harold Davis was known and loved by the Wake Forest community and his passing will leave a big hole in many of our hearts.

Another dear friend goes back to the days when we were part of a community of married students at Georgia Tech. Dick and his wife, Jo, were married about the same time as we were, and we had sons before graduation and lived in the same little row of duplexes in Decatur. We have remained friends through the years and shared many, many good times together. His death also makes our world feel a little smaller.

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.