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Sayings to match your wit. Can you increase it?

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Look closely, I have some sayings to catch your attention or to match your wit.

“Come on, try to be a good, seasoned politician — instead of a half-wit.”

“Sometimes, we just turn our backs on where we should be looking.”

“She’s not smart, but she sure seems to have all the bucks!”

“He’s as smart as the name on his face.”

“He’s so crazy, we ought to ride him out of town on a rail!”

“A good drink of water can go a long way in a desert to help you!”

“Are you with us, or just following along?”

“I wouldn’t give you two cents for that contraption you call a car!”

“Baking soda crackers are a good treatment when you start to have indigestion, she admonished strongly.”

It was something I learned when in a WakeMed secondary room feeling indigestion starting. The WakeMed nurse saw me getting out some Tums and admonished me about never take anything but soda crackers for indigestion and never take anything else from home when in a hospital. She gave me some soda crackers and they worked fine in clearing up the indigestion.

I started to notice something Friday, you will find in most of the earlier movies. Just about all of the performing stars lit up cigarettes on a regular basis!

Is it any wonder so many people light up their cigarettes? Just about all movie stars lit up!

Thankfully, the movie industry hasn’t taken up encouraging the use of vape which appears to be the cause of numerous deaths.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all the wonderful vegetables, turkey and/or ham, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. It’s a shame most of us don’t appreciate all the food offered until we get older.

It looks like we’ve gone to the dogs

Well, I’ll be dog-gone! I have a copyrighted listing (and I don’t know where it came from) of 204 different dog breeds. Can you imagine that number, and the listing starts with a “G” and ends with a Y. I wonder how many we’re missing from A to G? Interesting!

Here are a few picked at random: Ibizan Hound, Kooikerhondje, Maltiapoo, Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Xoloitzcuintli.

Wow! Those few are only eight in themselves out of 204!

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