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Socialism: Grave threat from within

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There is now a huge effort by radical Democratic leadership to attack America — not by weapons of warfare, but by a cancerous threat against our nation from within.

Socialism is being pushed by a growing number of left-leaning radicals, many of whom have now reached positions from which they grandstand their efforts to drastically change our society. Socialism is gaining ground in the reaching of its ghostly fingers across our land. It’s done to a great extent with support of major media.

Here are four undeniable truths about socialism:

• 1. Under socialism, the state makes your changes for you. Controlling all the goods and services in the economy, the socialist state makes all the allocation decisions. Can you go to college? What kind of work can you do? Where you can live? The state makes all these decisions for you.

• 2. Socialism is at war with personal faith and family. Socialist governments do not permit other competing authority structures, hence the rights of families and churches are subordinate to the interest and power of government.

• 3. Socialism destroys innovation. The stated socialist goal of economic redistribution effectively destroys all incentive for innovation. Access to capital is strictly controlled — thus no Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, YouTube or Wikipedia.

• 4. Socialism doesn’t work. Here is reality. Government has no money to give one group that it does not take from another. As British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once put it, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” Without that money, a nation dies.

One has only to look at Venezuela today, where street warfare, violence and crime are growing each day, to see what socialism’s results are. Venezuela was once, not too long ago, the most prosperous thriving of all South American nations. It’s in chaos today.

The radical leftists gaining leadership now in the Democratic Party in our country is working every day to move America in the direction of socialism, away from what it has been all through history. Unless their efforts are stopped quickly, America will cease to be the nation of freedom that has been ours and the freedom sought after by the thousands who would like to make America their home for that reason.

The southern border problem is grave. Socialist-leaning Democrats are giving their all to stop the border crossing problem while also pushing socialist government from within.

Americans must wake up and take action now to counter the socialist threat. Time is of the essence. Too many countries have already suffered that fate and they no longer have precious freedoms.

J. Russell Capps is a Republican former member of the N.C. House.