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Society is paying a big cost for allowing indoctrination

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I am astounded to see what is happening to our young generation referred to as millennials. To see polls indicating that 70 percent support socialism, and are willing to vote for socialism in America hurts to the core, angers me as I consider the reason for that trend.

The trend surely supports the claim that the lack of teaching of civic history in our education systems is the root cause. Educating students from elementary school on through the learning years has become indoctrination rather than quality education.

Even public libraries around the country are pushing liberal agendas that until recently were considered shameful. These libraries are hosting “Drag Queen Story Hours,” another example of our tax dollars being used to fund a liberal, immoral agenda.

This week’s news from Austin, Texas highlights that the sexual curriculum adopted by the Austin Independent School District is not education, but indoctrination of the most horrible variety. Children as young as 8 or 9 years old are exposed to attacks on the family, and instructed to avoid “non-inclusive” language like “mother” and “father.”

It gets even worse in the middle school classes. Austin parents discovered that the storyteller — a man dressed as a woman who has been participating in their “Drag Queen Story Hour” for the past year has a criminal record for prostitution. Yet he continues in his dangerous position.

Young children at a public library in Oregon were exposed to pro-gay and pro-transgender books at a “Drag Queen” event. The children were encouraged by the library to play on the floor and climb on top of a man dressed as a woman. These examples indicate what we feared most: that basic education is under drastic assault as indoctrination is taking over. It’s not just in Austin or Oregon. We hear of some of the same in schools all across the land.

I am not only outraged, I’m deeply saddened. Government entities such as this are only empowered to do so because we as parents and citizens have failed to act out familial and civic responsibilities to the point where such indoctrination has created an entire generation of young people who no longer respect authority and good work ethics.

There was a time when parents, especially those serving on school boards, would have unanimously rejected such vile curriculum. Because in recent years it has been accepted instead of rejected we are beginning to pay for it as a nation as evidence indicates the now generation is OK with socialism.

Eyes blinded by indoctrination have failed to appreciate the values that make a nation great. It comes at huge cost.

J. Russell Capps is a Republican former member of the N.C. House.