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Taxi? Uber? Lyft? It’s all becoming the same thing

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Have you ever gotten a job but not wanted to work a schedule? Ride services like Uber and Lyft allow their drivers to drive on their own time, and when they’re available, however, the government wants that to change.

We all know the old, forgotten taxi, right? How taxi companies pay their employees is by an hourly wage, with a weekly salary, while Uber and Lyft pay based on rides given. Although, that may not be the case anymore.

The government believes Uber and Lyft should pay their workers as employees. Multiple drivers have complained about having no resources, such as a way to identify themselves or get technical support to get back on the app if they are cut off, which can stop their flow of income. Bystanders say that it wouldn’t be that hard for these billion dollar companies to turn their independent contractors into employees and pay them salaries.

If this bill passes drivers will have their money taxed and that money goes straight to the government. The problem with this is that it takes not only potential money away from drivers and the companies, but it takes away the likelihood of people continuing to drive for Uber and/or Lyft. It would be awful if people who needed rides to get to and from work weren’t able to get one and/or if the drivers of these companies became employees when they just wanted to make money on the side. Not to mention those who did work for a drive service wouldn’t make nearly as much money as they were able to before, if this change goes through.

In conclusion, say no to changing Lyft and Uber to be more similar to taxis. It takes away money from the companies, but mainly the drivers, who are just average people trying to make a little extra money on the side — not have a part-time second job. The companies’ availability rate will also go down considering the fact that if this change is set into motion, being a Lyft or Uber driver will become an actual job, which most people didn’t sign up for. In all, this change just causes chaos in the community of those who use, and are involved with Lyft and Uber, and it’s most definitely not the good kind.

Meeko Simmons and CJ Vines are students in Cherilyn Murray’s English IV class at North Wake College and Career Academy in Wake Forest. This column is the second of three written by students in Murray’s class which will or have been published on this opinion page.