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The return of fùtbol — not football — season

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Tis the season! No, not Christmas — soccer season, and a cause for much rejoicing.

Of course, considering the popularity of the sport worldwide, there is almost always somebody playing soccer, or football as it’s better known, somewhere, with the all sorts of tournaments and friendlies going on all year. The Women’s World Cup was the most recent and most visible event.

But this is the time of year that the European leagues start their seasons, as well as the local youth leagues and the boy’s high school matches.

There is very little TV coverage on our regular channels, but I was gifted a streaming service by my very thoughtful husband, and I can keep up with the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga as well as the occasional match from other European leagues. We do have some spotty coverage of the MLS, the Courage, and the NCFC, but they are played mostly at night and since my housemate is not a fan and I do like to settle in for some shared movie streaming, those are seldom on my schedule.

I really haven’t developed a rabid fan affection for any particular teams, but tend to have favorite players instead. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with them because they transfer to a different team, and some age out. I still miss Tim Howard in the goal for Everton, and Bayern Munich just won’t be the same without Aryan Robben.

With a new season, I’m trying to get caught up on player trades. I’ll miss seeing Romulu Lukaku play after his move to Milan, and am very glad that Paul Pogba didn’t go to Spain. But as long as my favorite player, Kevin De Bruyne, stays in the Premier League, I won’t complain too much. Well, actually De Bruyne is my second favorite player; the absolute favorite plays for NCFC Academy U17.

I do realize that there is another kind of football season starting about now, but except for the Wake Forest High School Cougars who make us all proud, it just doesn’t make my personal radar.

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.