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Time for a stable captain to take the wheel

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In four years, I’ll be ready to take a serious look at highly progressive political candidates with bold new ideas to change the way I live. But right now, I want four years of Joe Biden in the White House. I want to see the government stabilized and I think we need his experience, historical perspective, and steady temperament to make it happen.

I think, once nominated, he will pick a running mate with fresh ideas and perspective. I think he will surround himself with knowledgeable, capable men and women with diverse backgrounds and, together, they can fill the empty government offices, mend fences with our allies, and get the United States back in a leadership position on the global stage.

I even think that maybe, just maybe, he can draw on his experience to persuade some of our elected officials to work together and put the good of the people before the party. I’m sure he at least has enough friends and acquaintances on both sides of the isle to have meaningful conversations.

Since we can be pretty sure there won’t be an easy transition, a former vice president who knows his way around the White House will be an asset.

Yes, Biden gets his tongue tied up occasionally, and muddles a story or two, but after all, when we are so accustomed to alternative facts, outright lies, misrepresentations, abrupt about faces, and general chaos tweeting out from the White House, what difference does that make?

There are some exciting and uncharted waters ahead for this country and there are some bright, exciting young men and women anxious to lead us toward those distant horizons. But before we go full steam ahead, let’s put an experienced, stable captain at the helm long enough to stop the boat from rocking.

Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.