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Too late again

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To the Editor,

It’s been two months since we had the high winds and storm that came through Zebulon and tore up trees and property in and around Zebulon.

One place that was hit hard was the Little River Park. So bad was it, it had to be closed all the while other parts of town were being cleaned up. Hat’s off to all those who put in extra time to help get Zebulon cleaned up and back to normal again. The park, however, was closed for some time and after almost three weeks it began to get some work done.

Why is this place always last to get its share of work or improvements? The town will take any praise on this park but it’s always last to see anything done. As one of the town’s best-kept secrets it is like the late Rodney Dangerfield always said: “It gets no respect.”

What is it about this park that somehow no one can see its beauty. It’s got running water, there’s fishing, peace and quiet, a fun place to visit — it’s the best park in the town’s system but always last to get improvements.

We were hoping after Hurricane Matthew tore down the dam we could get FEMA money for it but three commissioners said no — Mr. Beck, Mr. Strickland and Mrs. Clark felt it was a waste of time. We really don’t know what they thought — they never said. Had it happened at any place else in town Mr. Moore would have had a crew on it.

But Little River Park can wait — if Zebulon can buy the Mudcats, and the old school, we can fix the dam at Little River. Let’s fix the dam and have a park. We’ve waited too long, it’s time to fix the dam at Little River.

Joe Chamblee