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LETTER: Voting machines are worthless

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After reading the News & Observer and listening to T.V., I came to one point: The $1 billion in taxes paid to buy our voting machines didn’t shorten voting times. Some people stood in line 5-6 hours to vote.

Any state that thinks it doesn’t need a paper backup for the checks on votes better think twice. At least you can take a pen and mark the oblong circle. The machine counts it and the ballots are held for a recount if necessary.

Anytime you think a computer cannot be hacked you are fooling yourself. If man makes it, it can be hacked and changed or shut down altogether. This is going to be the problem this fall when election time comes. These foreign countries already can shut down anything we have and change it.

In a recount, paper ballots used to be hand counted; now, machines count and recount them. Right now there are cities, towns and countries that have more voters than residents in these places living there.

Fraud will always exist. There will never be a 100% honest election! It has existed over the last few hundred years in only different ways. It happened several years ago.

When this November comes, vote for the person and not the party that you think will keep the method that has worked the last 200 years and not anyone that wants to triple the load the average working person is carrying now! Nothing is free, don’t take from the haves and give to the deadbeat have nots!

Grady S. Macon