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Wasted tax dollars

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To the Editor,

The last investigation on the Russia deal cost millions of tax dollars. Name several agencies that could have used that money and put it to good use.

In my 87 years I have never seen a president that gets it every day what he did or what he didn’t do. No one is wrong all the time. This is another ploy to run him down before the next election which is over a year away.

I don’t agree with everything Trump does. They say he has damaged national security. Who damaged national security any more than Hillary Clinton? She sold the U.S. uranium mine rights to the Russians. The Russians gave a pile of money to her foundation. Plus Bill Clinton received a half a million dollars for one speech in Russia. Ask yourself which is the most damaging?

Which previous president issued an executive order to allow immigrants to file under the Earned Income Tax Credit program that started giving them credit for three previous years whether they worked or not and received a refund? Incidentally they received $24,000 a head. That was your tax dollars and mine.

How many elderly that are trying to live on a little Social Security check, that worked all their lives paying into the system, this Social Security has been raided to the tune of $2.6 trillion dollars and IOUs that is worthless.

What is going to happen when “you” reach retirement age? It is said that if they got rid of the fraud in government the budget could be balanced in two years. I have little faith in the news these days because of the fake news and lying. So don’t believe everything you hear, see or read.

Gladys S. Macon