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Time to pay seniors who built this country

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Wake Forest is growing by leaps and bounds with new people moving in daily. But Wake Forest residents continue to keep its small town community values of giving back and helping our neighbors.

I have personally been the beneficiary of the giving nature of the residents, businesses, churches, town and chamber employees and nonprofits in the area. They have given their time as volunteers as well as their financial donations to improve the lives of others. Working together to keep Wake Forest a thriving community.

As with any town we have people who have needs that are not able to successfully take care of themselves. Food or a hot meal is something many have to give up because of other financial obligations in their daily lives. To fill the gap, we have Hope House Critical Meals (dinner daily), Tri-Area Ministries (Wednesday food giveaways), Hope House (Thursday food giveaways), Monday Community Meals by NCFST and the Summer Nutrition Program both at the Alston-Massenburg Center, Northeast Community Coalition (quarterly food giveaways) and our community gardens.

There is also a review in the works for a pay-what-you-can restaurant. These are the organizations I am aware of. There are many others in our area that are assisting with our food insecurity initiatives.

You can see from the list above that the available assistance is widespread. These groups all need volunteers and financial help to continue to provide these basic services. Food is a necessity for everyone and with the help of individuals, businesses and churches of Wake Forest we have completed a successful 2019 and are looking forward to doing even more in 2020.

Blessings come in many forms and the community of Wake Forest has proved that this year. Thank you for helping us to be a blessing to others.

Norma J. Bennekin

Hope House, Inc.

The Dec. 25 edition of the News & Observer had an article about getting old and not doing anything about it. It was not true.

We let - elite politicians raid trillions from Social Security for their political wishes. It was set up for when you get 65 or older. Restore the money raided and it wouldn’t be in financial trouble now.

Now, because it is broke, they want to let us down after working 50 years and more. I started working in 1953 paying in until drafted into the Korean War along with three of my brothers. I came out and worked two jobs for 60 straight years until a massive heart condition stopped me in 2016.

My Social Security checks in 2018 had $134 deducted from it a month for Part B Medicare. I came out to try to go back to work. I was told by my doctor, “No — quit or die.”

They forget the people that worked and made this country, not wanting a 2,000 or 3,000 square-foot home, sacrificing for our family, paid dues and did without to help us when we retired.

Now they want to kick us in the teeth and wish we would die so they can give the money to someone else. That is the politicians’ way of saying thanks for working and being a good American!

Keep this in mind when voting.

Grady S. Macon