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We can no longer bear illegal immigration burden

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To the Editor,

Nowhere in Tom Campbell’s article [“The Hate of Hatred”; April 12] does the word “illegal” appear.

Nobody that I know hates immigrants, or even illegal immigrants. Speaking for myself, I simply want our nation’s laws to be enforced. This includes stopping people from coming to this country illegally. There is no hate here, no fear of people different from me, just common sense.

Mr. Campbell states that the immigration crisis appears to be rising to the level of crisis. That’s funny, since several previous administrations in Washington called it a crisis then, and it has only gotten worse.

In 2012 the Department of Homeland Security detained 477,523 adult non-citizens. That’s almost a half million people who weren’t supposed to be here.

Mr. Campbell says that the crisis is caused by three factors, then he mentions only two: “horrible conditions in other countries,” and “a Congress that can’t or won’t establish realistic, clearly understandable and enforceable immigration policies.”

The first one is one that we have little to do with and little able to do with, despite large amounts of humanitarian aid sent abroad. The government of Venezuela recently stopped aid from coming into their country. We can’t help that. The second one is bull manure; we currently accept 1 million or more legal immigrants into this country every year. Clearly the laws are understandable to people willing to go through the process.

We simply cannot continue to bear the burden of illegal immigration. It is costing too much of our time and resources.

A good understanding of the problem is found in a video on Youtube which was recorded in 2010, just search “immigration gumballs.”

Mark Stephens

Wake Forest