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Wendell hoping to grow its farmers market

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WENDELL — The Wendell Farmers Market opened on Saturday at its new location on West Campen Street.

The market, formerly organized by volunteers and run through the Wendell Chamber of Commerce, has been taken on by the town in the hopes of a more permanent program that will have the opportunity to grow and flourish in its new location.

“Wendell is a farming community and we need to have a farmers market,” explained Wendell Mayor Virginia Gray. “It’s a wonderful continuation of something that we’ve had for a while. The market meets the need of our lifelong residents, who enjoy the fact that they may be neighbors of some of the vendors and they know each other. It also meets the needs and expectations of people who may be a little younger and newer to our community who want to buy fresh and know the farmer where they bought their vegetables.”

Gray said the market has been “very organic and grassroots all along.” Saturday’s opening featured both veteran and new vendors, with more booths promised in the weeks to come.

“It’s not going to start huge, we’re starting where we are,” Gray said.

The town manager’s office is collecting and coordinating vendor applications.

“We’re not charging a fee this year, because we’re asking vendors to take a leap of faith and grow with us. We just want them to come and help be part of people’s experience in our downtown.”

“It’s a cute little spot right in the middle of downtown,” Gray added. “There are places right there that people are already in and out of at 8 or 9 in the morning, and it is my hope that they will walk right across the street to the farmers market and buy some produce.

“We’re going to have fun days and we want people to come. I think of it like a boutique farmers market, charming, in a small town, and you’ll get to know your vendors.”

The Wendell Farmers Market will be open on Saturdays through Nov. 23 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. For more information or a vendor application, visit the town of Wendell website at