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Will our public schools sink the ship?

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Way back in 1615 in a publication by Plato there began a designation of government as a “Ship of State.” I have always respected that view representing our national government.

A ship, or a boat, doesn’t sink because it is in the water; rather it sinks because the water gets in it. In the same way, our nation will not sink (fail) from being in the “water” but from the “water” getting into our Ship of State. In such an analogy, so much bad “water” is now being pushed inside the ship that it faces the real danger of sinking.

The greatest danger of that happening most likely will come from the failure to teach reading, writing and arithmetic in public schools rather than indoctrinating young minds with all kinds of evil issues, even to the extent in San Francisco to chant loudly in daily exercise, “Who do we hate — Americans”.

Even here in Union County the Secret Service was called in to investigate threats a Union County teacher made against Vice President Pence. We’ve learned to expect that such behavior in places like San Francisco. But we had sincerely hoped our public schools in North Carolina were far better.

Think again. Sadly, there has been revealed evidence that Godless brainwashing of children by glorifying sexual promiscuity, pretending that there are many classifications of “genders”, and by promoting the breakdown of the traditional American family. Such appalling practice has no place in our public schools. What is increasingly being pushed in the public school system is “bad water” getting inside the ship.

Just recently here in Wake Forest, there has been an incident where we learned that a high school English teacher at Heritage School, Melissa Wilson, had her students take a “Diversity Inventory” that asks them to identify their sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic class, as well as that of their family members, doctors, etc.

Such actions are what the Wake County School System has adopted in a program called “Social Justice Standards.” Word is that the school system “has acknowledged that it’s Diversity Inventory violated federal law and privacy of students.” Federal law places legal restrictions on any surveys listed in a lengthy memo sent to all WCPSS teachers on Sept. 13. However, the memo defends the system’s “Board Policy 2305 Code of Ethics and Standards for Conduct,” and calls core beliefs being taught as “foundational to the work outlined by Our Vision 2020 Strategic planning.”

In interviews with teachers by NC Values Coalition it was admitted that the issue is much more widespread than parents imagine. There’s much more, but space limits addressing the issues here. The question is, will the brainwashing and indoctrination of our younger generations be what sinks the “Ship of State?”

J. Russell Capps is a Republican former member of the N.C. House.