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Zebulon: Where are we?

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To the Editor,

As a lifelong citizen of Zebulon, it’s always been home to me and my family.

A lot has changed, good and bad, but here lately it’s traffic congestion, drug stores and a lot of talk about growth and what’s to come — well it seems growth has taken over and recently almost another 1,000 people will be added to the congestion.

Soon you’ll need your cell phone to do the walking, talking and whatever else you can get it to do. No need to try and leave home, you can’t. The roads are already full.

November looks to be very big for the people of Zebulon — it’s time for some new faces, new ideas. It’s time we got someone to manage all this growth, it’s time to make changes in this town if we want to grow.

Our neighbors used to come to Zebulon to see what was going on. Not now, Zebulon is going to other towns to see why we can’t have some of the same.

What is it about downtown? If Wendell can improve why can’t we? What’s wrong with closing off Main Street one Saturday night and getting a band and inviting everyone down and having some fun?

When a local businessman is willing to offer to fix a parking lot and have it for the town but is told “we don’t need more parking,” it’s time for him to go. You never see him or any of the other leaders anywhere. Do they have that much to do or do they need to rest?

I hope if you live in town you are registered to vote in November. If not, now is the time. This election is just as important as will be the one in 2020. It’s time we got ready with some new faces and new ideas. Zebulon, wake up. You used to be a leader but you’ve fallen way too far behind. We’re big enough, let’s take some action to resolve some problems now!

Joe Chamblee